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bud-dy (noun) Buddy Diliberto (1931 - 2005), the voice of the New Orleans Saints.
Buddy promised to wear a dress if the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl.
broad (noun) A promiscuous woman. (slang - sometimes offensive)

New Orleans Saints winning seasons & playoff history

Playoff disposition
11 - 5
#6 seed in NFC
Won Wild Card Playoff @ Philadelphia Eagles 26-24 *****
Loss Divisional Playoff @ Seahawks 15-23
13 - 3
#3 seed in NFC
Won Wild Card Playoff vs Lions 45-28
Loss Divisional Playoff @ 49ers 32-36
11 - 5
#5 seed in NFC
Loss Wild Card Playoff @ Seahawks 36-41
13 - 3
#1 seed in NFC
Won Divisional Playoff vs Cardinals 45-14
Won NFC Championship vs Vikings 31-28 ***
Won Superbowl vs Colts 31-17 ****
10 - 6
#2 seed in NFC
Won Divisional Playoff vs Eagles 27-24
Loss NFC Championship @ Bears 39-14 **
9 - 7
Didn't qualify for Playoffs
10 - 6
Won Wild Card Playoff vs Rams 31-28 *
Loss Divisional Playoff @ Vikings 34-16
12 - 4
Loss Wild Card Playoff vs Eagles) 36-20
11 - 5
Loss Wild Card Playoff vs Falcons) 27-20
8 - 8
Loss Wild Card Playoff @ Bears 16-6
10 - 6
Didn't qualify for playoffs
12 - 3
Loss Wild Card Playoff vs Vikings 44-10
      * New Orleans Saints first PLAY-OFF WIN
    ** New Orleans Saints first NFC Championship appearance
   *** New Orleans Saints first NFC Championship WIN
 **** New Orleans Saints first NFL SUPERBOWL WIN
***** New Orleans Saints first road-game PLAY-OFF WIN (away)

Buddy Diliberto (1931 - 2005), the voice of the New Orleans Saints

Buddy Diliberto promised to wear a dress if the Saints ever went to the Super Bowl

Buddy D, the ultimate New Orleans Saints fan, once said, "When you go to Heaven after you die, tell St. Peter you're a Saints fan. He'll say, 'C'mon in, I don't care what else you done, you suffered enough.'" The history of the New Orleans Saints is well-documented. Archie Manning getting sacked. The Aints. The paper bags on heads. No playoff games until 1987. No playoff wins until 2000.

Bernard "Buddy" Diliberto pledged on numerous occasions to his listeners that he would wear a dress on Bourbon Street if the Saints ever reached the Super Bowl. Annually, the New Orleans Saints faithful fans would tease Buddy about his promise to wear a dress if the Saints ever played in a Super Bowl. He never got close to having to make good on that promise, though, as we all know, he certainly wished for that walk on Bourbon Street in a dress.

When Buddy died in 2005, Bobby Hebert, The Cajun Cannon, took over his radio show; he also took over the promise. Now it is up to Bobby Hebert to carry on this tradition. Bobby Hebert has said on-air numerous times that he will fulfill Buddy's promise. If the Saints do get to the Super Bowl, Bobby Hebert would wear a dress and walk down Bourbon Street in honor of the late Diliberto. As Bobby Hebert has said over the airways during the 2006 New Orleans Saint's season, "I will be 'twitching' in high-heals down Bourbon Street."

In mid-January 2007, the New Orleans Saints made it to within one (1) win of going to the Superbowl. Bobby Hebert joked about the challenge, "There's a group called 'Buddy's Broads' and they want to march in the dresses in the Mardi Gras parades, but I told them it was a one time deal. I'll have no problem finding a dress, I'm sure they will have quite the selection. The challenge for them will be finding me some heels to fit my feet."

Well, we didn't see Bobby Hebert in a dress in February 2007 due to the 39 - 14 New Orleans Saints loss to the Chicago Bears in the NFC Championship. Bobby Hebert has said on-air that he is kind of relieved. He had visions in his head about second-lining and twirling the umbrella while doing the jig. Hopefully, Bobby will have to make good on his promise in February 2010!

Note: As of February 2015, the only NFL teams that have never played in a Superbowl are the Cleveland Browns, Detroit Lions, Houston Texans, and Jacksonville Jaguars. However, the Cleveland Browns and Detroit Lions franchises attended numerous NFL Championships prior to the first Superbowl (pre-1966) ... each winning four (4) NFL Championships. The Cleveland Browns attended eleven (11) NFL Championships, and the Detroit Lions attended five (5).

Buddy's Broads

I pledge allegiance to the Saints, and the great city of New Orleans, and to the Superbowl, for which we will win, one city, below sea level, under God, with Mardi Gras and alcohol for all!

This is the day Buddy D vowed to don a dress

What New Orleans Saints Fans Think

  • We think we need to win every game 100-0.
  • We need to continue our love/hate relationship with Reggie Bush.
  • We donít want to waste Drew Brees.
  • We know you other fans think this shit is funny.
  • We want to play in, win, and have sex in the Super Bowl.
  • Read More: The Mind of a Saints Fan

Make Some Noise! Who Dat!

  • The most important thing for the Vikings offense is to get the play, so if you can disrupt that process when the Vikings have the ball, that creates a huge advantage for the Saints. Don't wait until the Vikings come to the line , make noise when the play and game clock are put into motion.
  • When the Vikings offense is at the line of scrimmage; the fans need to scream!
  • No matter if the Vikings are winning 100 or losing by 100, cheer as if the score is 0 - 0. At field level when you are cranked up, nobody can hear anything!
  • You should not have a voice by the end of the game! It will be worth it: Superbowl & the Cajun Cannon in a dress!

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